01 February 2021

Simple luxury

We can all afford a luxurious life

Many people think that luxury is about money. Very often this is not the case.

We can all afford to live a luxurious life. All we need to do is take care of ourselves with a few simple gestures.

Being in contact with nature is good for both the mind and the body. It is really fortunate to live near the lake and the mountains. To take a walk in the woods, to breathe the clean air, to touch the fruits of the earth - all this is a luxury. To be able to admire the colours of the lake that change every day, offering us ever new landscapes, is a luxury. To hear the birds chirping, the river water flowing and the wind in the branches of the trees is a luxury. Have you ever thought about it?

A bouquet of flowers
Flowers bring a lot of joy. We can create a luxurious corner at home with a simple bouquet of flowers. We can buy it at the market or in the shop or - why not? - we can pick the flowers that nature gives us. Just take a walk in a meadow or in the mountains and you will have beautiful bouquets to place in a place in your home that you want to make luxurious. In winter, simply pick up a few branches and decorate them with lights. The effect is guaranteed.

Time for ourselves
We are always in a hurry and busy. Time for ourselves is a luxury. Let's try to carve out a few minutes for ourselves every day. We can read (libraries are open again!), watch a film or listen to good music. A warm bath with a few lit candles and a relaxing scent is a nice pampering. Even smearing cream on your face or hands can become a moment for ourselves, if done calmly. These are small pleasures that cost little, but are worth a lot.

People we love
Being able to spend time with the people you love is truly a luxury, even though we often take it for granted. It is very pleasant to spend time with family and friends. Let's make sure they are quality time. We pay attention to their needs, we create a cosy atmosphere. Whether outdoors or indoors, there are things that will make these moments luxurious: pleasant background music, a pleasant and not too strong scent in the air, something tasty to enjoy together with coffee or tea offered in a nice bowl or saucer. Small gestures are enough to make a snack or an after-dinner break special.

The table
Eating is something we do several times a day, almost automatically. Let's try to pay attention to the table. Many people eat in a hurry, some even stand up against the kitchen (I admit it: it has happened to me during particularly busy periods). Every now and then we pay attention to where we eat. All it takes to make a meal luxurious is to create the right atmosphere: a clean tablecloth, a candle or a flower as a centrepiece, the crockery carefully placed in its place, the food carefully placed on the plate. And it's a luxury meal in no time.

More gold in the home
The whole house can be made more luxurious by paying attention to small details. Gold is the colour that gives the house its most luxurious feel. Choose brass door and window handles and switch covers for a luxurious effect. If you have wrought iron elements (for example, a coffee table in the living room), simply repaint them in gold to embellish the whole room. A few golden frames on the walls or shelves will make them even more precious. A large carpet and curtains on the walls to match the sofa cushions will give that extra touch of sophistication to the whole room.

Do nothing
Doing nothing is also a luxury. In our hectic lives, doing nothing has become an exception. All it takes is a little organisation to make it a habit. Some people wake up early and enjoy the spectacle of the rising sun, others prefer to relax in the evening at the end of the day. In any case, finding the space and time to do nothing is important both as children and as adults. It allows our brain to activate functions that are otherwise not activated. Knowing how to organise time and space at home (e.g. with a daily routine for housework), will allow us to enjoy the luxury of doing nothing.

Luxury is within everyone's reach, every day: let's afford it.

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