In the real estate sector
for 40 years

The Piccinelli Real Estate Agency is a historic family business that has been working in the sector with great precision and professionalism for 40 years.

It mainly deals with real estate sales in the countries of Vallesabbia, Valtenesi, Valvestino, western Lake Garda and the first Trentino, but the staff is ready to move throughout Italy if necessary.

Immobiliare Piccinelli - About Us

Our values

The Piccinelli Real Estate Agency is committed to protecting the parties, finding the agreement that could be advantageous for both.

We offer a 360-degree consultancy to accompany you to the sale with maximum security and awareness.

Continuous training

We take part in constant and continuous refresher courses, to keep up with the times and offer you excellent service, with all the means at our disposal.

Security, trust and precision

We take care of our customers, providing them with our experience and expertise in a transparent and timely manner, without neglecting any detail. The Piccinelli Real Estate Agency is a member of FIAIP - Federazione Italiana Agenti Immobiliari Professionali.

Exclusive assignment

Giving an exclusive buying and selling task to our Agency, synonymous with great trust and security, motivates us to do better and to invest more and more resources and time to achieve our objectives.

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