After an initial interview to listen to all your needs and your desires, we will offer these services: presentation of all the opportunities that meet the requirements, visit to selected properties and information brochure with all the characteristics of the property, management of relations with the owner, preparation of the purchase proposal or preliminary, control and collection of all the necessary documentation, assistance (even personally) at the banks for the request of the mortgage, assistance to the notarial deed.

Assistance for the loan

Our staff will accompany you, even personally if necessary, to credit institutions and financial brokers in the area to assist you during discussions with those responsible for applying for a loan or financing. Knowing how to present your situation in the right way and with the right deadlines can positively affect your request.

Preliminary purchase agreement

The preliminary sales contract is a commitment on the part of the seller and the buyer to sign the final purchase contract within a specified period of time. It is important that it is drafted by a professional in the correct way to have adequate protection.

Document control

To protect those who want to buy a property, before starting all the procedures for the purchase proposal or preliminary, we check all documents from the point of view of the land registry and mortgage.

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Buying a property: Frequently asked questions

> Who is responsible for choosing the Notary?

Whoever buys the property will bear the costs of the notarial deed. It is therefore up to the purchaser to choose the Notary who will take care of the notarial deed. We will take care of contacting the Notary of your choice and provide his studio with all the documentation needed for the notarial deed.

> What is meant by a deposit?

The deposit is a sum of money that is paid at the time of the preliminary contract of sale. It 'a guarantee provided by the Civil Code, useful for the protection of the parties in case of breach of the promise contained in the preliminary.

> What are the benefits for the purchase of the First House?

For those who buy a property as a first home there are important tax benefits (which change according to the characteristics of the seller). It is sufficient to meet certain requirements and make a request at the time of the notarial deed. We will check with you which solution is best suited to your needs.

> What are the additional costs of buying a house?

In addition to the sale price of the property, the buyer will have to add the costs for our work of intermediation, the cost of registration of the preliminary contract of sale, the cost of the notary's deed and the taxes provided for the sale (which vary depending on the type of sale).

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