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17 July 2019

Idro Lake

Lake Idro, the king of the Sabbia Valley

Where are we?

Lake Idro, the undisputed sovereign of the Valle Sabbia, is a mountain lake of glacial origin located between Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige.

The villages of Lake Idro

On the shores of Lake Idro there are four villages: Idro, Anfo, Ponte Caffaro (hamlet of Bagolino) and Baitoni (hamlet of Bondone, the first village in Trentino Alto Adige). Treviso Bresciano, although not directly on the lake, enjoys an incomparable view over it, dominating it from above.

Sports and leisure time

An an important tourist destination, Lake Idro offers visitors numerous opportunities for recreation: a boat trip, long walks in complete relaxation and more or less challenging excursions to discover beautiful places, rich in history and art.
All the beaches of natural stone are easily accessible.
Lake Idro offers many opportunities for recreation for those who love sports: windsurfing, sailing, rowing, free climbing, cycling on or off the road, via ferrata, paragliding... There is something for everyone!
Lake Idro is frequented by many fishermen who enjoy the rich fish fauna. To fish, simply go to any post office to obtain a temporary fishing license for two months.
A very interesting feature of Lake Idro is the absence of mosquitoes. The constant wind and the movement of the current of the waters of the lake, in fact, naturally hinder the presence of mosquitoes.

Cultural sites

Lake Idro is also an excellent destination for cultural tourism. The villages of medieval origin, the historical finds of Roman times, churches and military fortresses offer interesting ideas for visits of unique and priceless historical and artistic value. The various villages near Lake Idro, formerly fishing villages, have been able to keep intact all their characteristic beauty and have become, over time, custodians of works by important artists.

Sport, culture, art, tradition, gastronomy, relaxation and beauty: this is Lake Idro.

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17 July 2019
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